noise fear

Dogs can get frightened by a noise such as a bang or gunshot, but the fact that they hide somewhere (under a bed, in the bathroom) trembling and/or panting clearly indicates a fear of noise. Noise fear can occur suddenly and often appears insidiously and becomes stronger with increasing age. The dog is under extreme stress and there is unfortunately also a fast generalization, so that the dog suddenly reacts to more and more noises. This problem can severely restrict the life of the dog and its owner; holidays such as August 1st or New Year's Day become a strain and in case of thunderstorms the dog cannot leave the house.

This workshop takes place without the dog, as the training is carried out at home in familiar surroundings. 

In this workshop we will work exclusively with the help of the clicker or marker signals. For participants who have never worked with the clicker or marker signal before, a setup will be made.


Registration deadline 23.10.2020

learning goals

  • dealing with the fears of the dog
  • structure of marker signal (if not yet unknown)
  • development of a training plan 
  • analysis of the video diary

Seminar Details

target audience:

dogs that show signs of noise anxiety or already have a fear of smoking


seminar room fairtrain, Knonau ZH



course places:

Are limited to 12 places

course administration

Prisca Elsener

In 2014 I had the opportunity to do an internship at fairtrain - für dog and human and since 2015 I have been working as deputy manager and co-trainer. 


Due to the fact that so many people and dogs are looking for advice and guidance at fairtrain - for dog and human, I had and still have the opportunity to gain rich experience in successful work with different human-dog teams and to live out my fascination for dogs. On the one hand I teach dogs from puppies to senior dogs and on the other hand I offer courses in agility, nadac, lunging and all-in-one. I apply my expertise especially in the field of behavioral therapy, individual coaching and seminars. 


With my three own dogs I am enthusiastically active in agilty and mantrailing. 


At the moment I am studying nutrition and dietetics parallel to my work at the dog school.