Cooperation training for difficult situations

4-part workshop with Prisca and Mischi - Start if enough interested parties

Practically all dogs find it unpleasant when they have to have a tick removed, their hair cut or their paws dried by their owner or a stranger.
Some dogs try to escape, others react aggressively and still others are frozen as they endure the procedure.

This workshop provides participants with tools on how to perform procedures on dogs at home or at the vet without stress and in cooperation with the dog.

The workshop includes:
4 practical lessons of 45-60 minutes each

The practical lessons take place in our training hall in Mettmenstetten.

The workshop will be held from 4 registrations.
The maximum number of participants is 8 teams.

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1/2-day workshop with Jenny - Saturday, 01.06.24 14-18h

For humans, a targeted warm-up before a sporting activity is a standard part of training. The benefits of warming up have also been recognized in equestrian sports and it has become an established part of training.
For dogs, a targeted warm-up before training is also worthwhile.
Warming up reduces the risk of injury during training and prevents consequential damage from overstraining. The warm-up for the dog pays off in many situations, not only before dog sports, but also before dogs play with each other or for older dogs a warm-up is important to prevent injuries. Warming up prepares the dog mentally for the upcoming training and strengthens concentration and motivation.
This course will give you an introduction to the variety of warm-ups. We will impart theoretical knowledge and also do a lot of practical work so that you can independently apply and implement what you have learned in everyday life.

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Der alternde Hund - einen erfüllten Lebensabend sicherstellen

This evening talk is held in German only.

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Belastung, Bedürfnis & Beschäftigung - Graue Schnauze

This seminar is held in German only.

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