Dog meets dog

Encounter (on the leash) workshop for dog / human teams 

Many dogs no longer show natural behaviour in encounters with other dogs - especially on the leash. The reasons for this are complex and depend on many factors. Some dogs pull into the leash, try to move forward, bark or whine and others try to escape. These various behaviours push many dog owners to their limits and create tension for the team.

Who can/should participate: All dog-human teams who feel uncomfortable with dog/dog encounters on the road. Also suitable for younger pubescent dogs (from about 7 - 8 months). 

This seminar contains a theory block and four practical lessons

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youth development - adolescence (theory)

Dogs go through different phases of development during their lives.

Youth development or also called adolescence is a very intense phase in which the brain and hormones sometimes literally throw the dogs off track.
This seminar shows which areas of the brain influence the behaviour of the dog and there are many aha experiences for dog owners on this exciting journey through the adolescence of the dog. 

This seminar takes place without dogs!

This seminar will also be held as a webinar.  


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The dog's sense of smell - theory

The sense of smell is extremely fascinating and exciting. But the dog's nose is also extremely complex and a better understanding of it helps us on the one hand in our everyday life with the dogs and on the other hand in the different activities of nose work. 

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Tellington TTouch®

Introduction to the Tellington TTouch® method

Tellington TTouch deepens the relationship and trust, increases the ability to learn, reduces stress, supports healing processes, has an analgesic and relaxing effect.
Tellington TTouch offers help with problems such as fear of noise, separation stress, problems with driving, hyperactive behaviour, insecurity, nervousness, restlessness, frequent barking/whining, frequent jumping up, fear and aggression behaviour, pulling on the leash. 
What you learn should help you to change your well-being and behaviour in a positive way, as well as to deepen your relationship with your dog.

This course provides an introduction to all areas of the Tellington TTouch® method, its philosophy and its suitability for everyday use.

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Seminar Details

Seminar Details