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Dogs are wondrous creatures. They amaze us with their incredible sense of smell. They hear noises, which only reach our ears much later. They seek our closeness when they notice that we are not feeling well. They make us smile every day.


But do we really understand dogs? Do we understand how they communicate? Do we understand how they like to be

motivated? Do we understand how they learn? With our dog school we aim to answer these questions for you.


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puppy training

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Compulsory dog course according to Zurich legislation

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youth development - adolescence (theory)

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Leash encounters made easy

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Internationaler Berufsverband der Hundetrainer

Positive Rocks

Wir unterstützen ebenfalls.


Weit hinten, hinter den Wortbergen, fern der Länder Vokalien und Konsonantien leben die Blindtexte. Abgeschieden wohnen sie in Buchstabhausen an der Küste des Semantik, eines großen Sprachozeans.

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