communication and expressive behaviour

How do dogs communicate? When do we interpret behaviour and when do we actually read body language. Do our four-legged friends even understand what we say and want from them? Do we really understand what they want to communicate to us?


This seminar deals with the "language" of dogs. We analyze specific body postures such as fear, aggression, play requests, etc. We will also watch and analyse films. 


This seminar should be attended by everyone who has a dog.

It is a pure theory seminar and takes place without dogs.



Registration deadline 30.10.2020

learning goals

  • recognize and understand different body signals
  • analysis of films (recognize when everything goes fast)
  • what belongs to misinterpretations
  • ... and much more besides

Seminar Details

target audience:

everyone who has a dog should have attended this seminar at least once


seminar room fairtrain in Knonau


50.00 CHF

course administration

Mumi Schenk-ILL

My many years of experience in the management of customer services in the international field as well as the completion of a management school are today the basis of my leadership qualities as owner and manager of the dog school fairtrain-for dog and human. Goal-oriented working as well as working under pressure is a must. 


I love the challenge of working with many different human-dog teams. My analytical and solution-oriented thinking as well as my great patience and love for dogs and humans supports me in behavioural consultations, individual coaching and group trainings.


At the moment I am completing a training for solution-oriented consulting, communication and leadership (for humans).


With our dog we work mainly in mantrailing and I always try out new things mainly in the field of nose work.