ressource guardig


Registration deadline 05.03.2021

learning goals


- All relevant content around the topic of resources / poison bait incl.

- Learning theory and approaches to change behavior.

- barrier clicking

- display behavior

- abort signal

Seminar Details

target audience:

All dogs that show a conspicuous and / or undesirable behavior at resources


Säuliamt surroundings



course places:

4 - 5 dog-human teams

course administration

Mumi Schenk-ILL

My many years of experience in the management of customer services in the international field as well as the completion of a management school are today the basis of my leadership qualities as owner and manager of the dog school fairtrain-for dog and human. Goal-oriented working as well as working under pressure is a must. 


I love the challenge of working with many different human-dog teams. My analytical and solution-oriented thinking as well as my great patience and love for dogs and humans supports me in behavioural consultations, individual coaching and group trainings.


At the moment I am completing a training for solution-oriented consulting, communication and leadership (for humans).


With our dog we work mainly in mantrailing and I always try out new things mainly in the field of nose work.