Dealing with hunting dogs and hounds

For a whole weekend we will take a closer look at hunting behaviour and the training of ambitious hunting dogs. In short theory units we discuss important background knowledge about hunting behaviour and hunting dog breeds. 


With the dogs present we work practically on different topics to understand and deal with hunting behaviour. Together we look for ways and solutions for a relaxed cooperation. For the training we use the toolbox of positive reinforcement, support desired behaviour and encourage the dogs individually. We deal with the mental and physical workload of hunting enthusiastic dogs, taking into account the preferences and talents of our hunting dogs. 


The seminar is aimed at interested dog trainers and dog owners of hunting motivated dogs. In this seminar, trainers receive a wealth of ideas and suggestions for working with their hunting dog customers. Hunting dog owners will gain a better understanding of their dog's hunting ambitions. They have ideas and exercise instructions for their further training and the prospect of beautiful, relaxed moments with their hunting dogs. 


Without exception, all participating dogs are harnessed to a well-fitting chest harness. They can deal calmly with the presence of other dogs and people and a seminar situation. Anxious dogs, dogs with a greater feel-good distance and/or a high level of excitement should only be registered after prior consultation with the seminar organisation.


This seminar is conducted in German


Registration deadline 11.09.2020

learning goals

  • Elements of the hunting behaviour chain
  • Hunting dog breeds and individual talents
  • Learning laws and good learning conditions
  • Regulation of arousal and relaxation 
  • Dealing with frustration and stress&n

Seminar Details

target audience:

The seminar is aimed at interested dog trainers and dog owners of hunting motivated dogs.


dog school fairtrain, Knonau ZH (Säuliamt und Umgebung)


with dog:

390.00 CHF / per person, 2 meals included CHF

Without dog:

320.00 CHF / per person, 2 meals included CHF

course places:

Are limited to 10 teams with dog and 8 participants without dog

course administration

Irène Julius

Irène Julius, has been working with people and their dogs in her dog school 'The Dog Training - Irène Julius' for over 20 years. The main focus of her dog school is the accompaniment, support and holistic training of people with puppies and young dogs, the needs-based occupation and workload of family dogs, as well as the work with dogs that hunt and hunting dogs.


As a lecturer, she has been active for many years in various areas for the training of puppy trainers and dog trainers. She herself is the owner of 3 hunting dogs, which are mainly family dogs and she has a hunting license. An attentive and respectful contact with people and dogs is the basis of her work as trainer and instructor. More about her person and her work can be found on