Cooperation training for difficult situations

4-part workshop with Prisca and Mischi - Start if enough interested parties

Practically all dogs find it unpleasant when they have to have a tick removed, their hair cut or their paws dried by their owner or a stranger.
Some dogs try to escape, others react aggressively and still others are frozen as they endure the procedure.

This workshop provides participants with tools on how to perform procedures on dogs at home or at the vet without stress and in cooperation with the dog.

The workshop includes:
4 practical lessons of 45-60 minutes each

The practical lessons take place in our training hall in Mettmenstetten.

The workshop will be held from 4 registrations.
The maximum number of participants is 8 teams.


Study goals

  • Training structure of actions on the dog in theory and practice
  • Recognizing the dog's body signals
  • Developing cooperative behavior
  • Working out various aids for handling the dog together
  • Getting to know tips and tricks at the vet
  • Previous knowledge of working with marker signal(s) is an advantage but not a must

Seminar Details

target audience:

For anyone who wants to make grooming and similar activities more pleasant for their dog


fairtrain training hall Mettmenstetten



course places:

The number of participants is limited to 8 human-dog teams (there will be a second group if there is a large demand)

course administration

Prisca Elsener

In 2014 I had the opportunity to do an internship at fairtrain - für dog and human and since 2015 I have been working as deputy manager and co-trainer. 


Due to the fact that so many people and dogs are looking for advice and guidance at fairtrain - for dog and human, I had and still have the opportunity to gain rich experience in successful work with different human-dog teams and to live out my fascination for dogs. On the one hand I teach dogs from puppies to senior dogs and on the other hand I offer courses in agility, nadac, lunging and all-in-one. I apply my expertise especially in the field of behavioral therapy, individual coaching and seminars. 


With my three own dogs I am enthusiastically active in agilty and mantrailing. 


At the moment I am studying nutrition and dietetics parallel to my work at the dog school.

Michelle Navarro

Thanks to our first dog Djali, I discovered fairtrain as a customer.
I was immediately impressed by the great atmosphere in the group course, the progressive training methods and the enthusiasm of the trainers.

As luck would have it (fortunately), Mumi needed support in the office at the time and I was looking for a new professional challenge at the same time - and poof - since the end of 2021 I have been Head of Administration and Assistant to the Management of fairtrain.
During my first few weeks as an office fairy, I realized that I didn't just want to support fairtrain in administrative matters, but also as a dog trainer.

And so I started studying to become a dog trainer at the ATN (Academy for Applied Animal Psychology and Animal Behavior Training).
During these two years, I was able to accompany the entire fairtrain team and look over their shoulders. I quickly discovered my passion for dog sports, especially agility and Nadac.
I have been teaching these two great exercise courses since 2023 and am always fascinated by how great progress can be achieved through positive reinforcement.

With my now two dogs (two shepherd mixes) we mainly train in the area of tricks and activity.
With our youngest addition to the family, we are of course building up our agility training.