behavioural counselling

There are more and more people and dogs in a confined space and living together presents more and more challenges. The time is getting more and more hectic and different factors lead to one or the other dog showing one or more behavioural problems. These can be anxiety behaviour, high levels of arousal, undesirable hunting behaviour, frustration, lack of impulse control or even aggressive behaviour - to name but a few.

The causes of the behaviour will be evaluated together with you in a conversation (anamnesis). After this conversation we will work out a training plan. This will then be worked out with you and your dog and will also be adapted again and again. 

Changing a behavioural disorder generally requires time and patience, especially because we work out the cause and do not simply treat the surface. Of course we work non-violently and through positive reinforcement.

We can never guarantee that a behaviour can be completely changed. In any case, our goal is to show you and your dog ways to face difficult situations in a relaxed way. We are looking forward to an exciting cooperation with you and your furry nose. 


Study goals

Course content is evaluated at our first meeting and implemented according to the training plan.

Course details

target audience:

all dogs that show a conspicuous and / or undesirable behavior


depending on the topic - at your home, at the dog training area Ottenbach or surroundings

Lesson Costs:

120.00 CHF

10-er Abo Kosten:

0.00 CHF

course administration