Individual Coaching

If you are looking for a tailor-made concept which you can then easily implement in your personal everyday life, we will work together to develop a training plan tailored to your wishes.


There are more and more dog owners who decide for an individual coaching. 


In principle, individual coaching makes sense in the following situations:


  • You wish an individual care from us
  • You have special concerns, which are lost in a group training
  • Your dog is overstrained in a group with other dogs and can relax better in individual care and learn more efficiently
  • You wish for a higher learning efficiency
  • You have a second hand dog that has very special needs
  • You already have an adult dog, would like to get a second dog and need help to bring it together
  • and much more besides

Study goals

Course content is evaluated at our first meeting and implemented according to the training plan.

Course details

target audience:

All those who wish for individual care


as you chose