Oldie but Goldie - Course for senior dogs

Do you have a senior dog and want to keep it occupied in a needs-oriented way? Even older dogs still want to be challenged.

This course offers older and senior dogs needs- and age-appropriate activities. Tailored to the individual abilities and preferences of senior dogs, we work on exercises such as gymnastics, tricks, nose work and target training.

Fun, challenges, ideas for everyday life and relaxation are all part of the program. Dogs with sensory or other impairments are also very welcome.


Study goals

Meaningful activities for older dogs

Implementing activity ideas even with restrictions of the sensory organs or the musculoskeletal system

Course details

target audience:

For older and old dogs


training ground Ottenbach and surroundings, training hall Mettmenstetten

Lesson Costs:

40.00 CHF

Subscription costs:

370.00 CHF

course administration