Agility is all about completing an obstacle course without making mistakes. This consists of various elements such as hurdles, tunnels, slalom or seesaw. In the advanced course, the equipment is worked out individually and later connected to form a course.

The course is very diversified, so that man and dog can feel challenged in every lesson.
To participate in the course, the dog must be at least one year old.
It is also possible for children from the age of eight to join a kids-agility group.

So that both dog and person can benefit optimally, we conduct the lesson as a single 20-minute lesson.

We run courses on a wide variety of days and times. Please feel free to contact us via the registration form so that we can find the right course for you.


Study goals

  • getting to know the different obstacles
  • signal structure for each device
  • learning how to run a course best

Course details

target audience:

All who would like to occupy themselves and their dog sensibly


Training ground Ottenbach

Lesson Costs:

38.00 CHF

Subscription costs:

350.00 CHF

course administration