The goal in NADAC (also called Hoopers) is to guide the dog through a course at a distance using visual and audio signals. The human moves in a defined area and sends the dog over and through the obstacles.


No jumps are used in the NADAC; therefore, this course is also suitable for dogs that should not be subjected to too much stress due to a physical limitation.


We run courses on a wide variety of days and times. Please feel free to contact us via the registration form so that we can find the right course for you.


Study goals

  • getting to know obstacles and approaching them correctly
  • setting up audio and visual signs
  • run the course correctly

Course details

target audience:

all who would like to occupy themselves and their dog sensibly


training ground Ottenbach

Lesson Costs:

40.00 CHF

10-er Abo Kosten:

350.00 CHF

course administration