Tellington TTouch®

Introduction to the Tellington TTouch® method

Tellington TTouch deepens the relationship and trust, increases the ability to learn, reduces stress, supports healing processes, has an analgesic and relaxing effect.
Tellington TTouch offers help with problems such as fear of noise, separation stress, problems with driving, hyperactive behaviour, insecurity, nervousness, restlessness, frequent barking/whining, frequent jumping up, fear and aggression behaviour, pulling on the leash. 
What you learn should help you to change your well-being and behaviour in a positive way, as well as to deepen your relationship with your dog.

This course provides an introduction to all areas of the Tellington TTouch® method, its philosophy and its suitability for everyday use.


Registration deadline 12.02.2021

learning goals

  • learning and implementing different TTouches on the dog
  • understanding the use of different aids such as body bandages and their effects
  • exercises on leadership techniques to guide your dog through a Tellington learning parcou

Seminar Details

target audience:

Everybody / everydog as of 6 months of age


training hall in Mettmenstetten


with dog:

240.00 CHF

Without dog:

180.00 CHF

course places:

6 - 8 teams with dogs, 8 people without dogs